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From the shadows of beyond the words pour forth like summer rain….

The Jack and Helen Frye Story is much more than the chronology of two people’s lives, it’s a
spiritual quest, a yearning from the heart of soul-mates Helen and Jack who desire their story
to be told, their priceless paths not be erased!

Time has a way of forgetting who was, and what was, but the written word lays it all at our feet.
From a small town in West Virginia, to the gold-paved streets of Fifth Avenue, Helen Varner
knew she was born to walk a path; a path that would lead her far and away from her origins.
Her talents as a hat-maker and seamstress, writer, sculptor, and artist, opened doors to a gilded
and rose-hued horizon.

Within these pages, unfolds the sojourn of a woman who knows what she wants and goes after
it. Voluptuous and beautiful, the world’s most powerful men fall at her feet.

In 1935, 26-year-old Helen Varner marries 36-year-old playboy Cornelius Vanderbilt IV. Later,
after a separation, she moves to mystical Shanghai and Hollywood.

By 1938, Helen meets the love of her life, aviation-legend Jack Frye. As President of TWA,
Frye trail-blazes the dawning of aviation and tames Helen’s heart with his fleet of sleek
airliners and big western charm. Jack and Helen marry by January 1941, and embark on the
wings of an American Love Story, as only soul mates can share. In flights over the Western
United States in their private plane, Jack and Helen settle on the Red Rock Country of Sedona
Arizona to build a new life together. With a grand act of chivalry, Jack buys a massive ranch
adjoining Oak Creek and hands the deed to Helen.

Frye and Howard Hughes develop the Lockheed Constellation during W.W. II and Frye loans
his planes to the U.S. Government, culminating in a wartime partnership with the White House.
Meanwhile, Helen secures a grand colonial mansion on the shores of the Potomac, as a political
power-center for TWA, and a home. By war’s end, in 1946, TWA has gained enough experience
flying war personnel overseas, for Jack to secure the world’s commercial air routes. Jack’s
dream of the first transatlantic commercial air service and round-the-world passenger travel is
realized and the ‘Camelot Years of TWA’ have unfolded!

By 1950, after Helen and Jack divorce, Helen remains at their Sedona Ranch. Soon though, she
is engaged to Tyrone Power. Later still, she plans a re-marriage to Frye. Tragically, though,
Frye is killed by a drunk driver, returning home from a secret meeting with Howard Hughes at

Sinking into the depths of despair, Helen becomes fodder for a notorious new-age cult called
Eckankar. By 1979, she dies of cancer, but not before the group fleeces her of most her assets.
Helen’s Will is burned by an ex-cult member con artist who had craftily befriended Helen
before her death with his youthful charm ending her saga with a sensational estate trial.
Is this really the end of Helen’s story? Thankfully, no, Helen saw to that! Reaching across the
sands of time, she engaged the services of a kindred spirit, a member of her soul-family, a
writer with the passion and dedication to insure that she and Jack; their ‘telling’ was not

Welcome to the World of Jack and Helen Frye!
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Jack & Helen Frye Story- 'The Camelot Years of TWA' -Reviews
'The Making of an Empire' Love history? Interested in Aviation? Want to hobnob with
glamorous and exciting American socialites as they jet set their way around the world, wining
and dining the elite of society? If so…then this book is for you. One word in the title sums up
the aura of this great read perfectly – “Camelot”.

Enter a ruggedly handsome Jack Frye, born to fly, with dreams and aspirations as limitless as
the sky itself. Add to that mix the beautiful, charming, witty young Helen Varner who
possessed both artistic talents and a gift of premonition. Throw into that mix the powerful and
eccentric financier Howard Hughes and you’ve got a perfect formula for turning dreams into

From dream to boardroom to sky; from humble beginnings in life to the culmination of the
highly successful T.W.A. Empire – this book has it all: accurate and vivid descriptions of the
planes, historical accounts of the Frye’s lives, jaw dropping mid-air rescues, a hair raising high
speed chase down treacherous mountain roads, money, power, friendships, betrayal, and just to
make life even more interesting a New Age Cult up to no good. And throughout the Author
uses his descriptive magic to paint the spirituality and the mystique that is uniquely Arizona.

I highly recommend the book; I had a hard time putting it down and I thoroughly enjoyed the
Alida St.Amand- Canada
For those aviation history buffs out there.... This is a must read! And specifically, facts and
figures about TWA that I certainly never knew. It's fascinating!

The business aspects of TWA, mixed in with the likes of Howard Hughes and some of his
shenanigans along the way, both helped and hurt TWA through the years. The real eye-opener
was the magnitude of the genius of Jack Frye as his visions of aviation unfolded, and there were
many! The man was just incredible in his implementation of aviation inventions and ideas
within the golden age of commercial flying for the public population. It simply changed history
as we know it.

But the real shocker comes along as you get into the characters personal lives, within the
history lessons. A book is really good when the people in the story lines become friends of yours,
they become real to you. And the different storyline of Jack and Helen Frye will not disappoint
you! As their separate lives evolve, then become intertwined, so do your emotions. Each one is
famous in their own right, but they become a force to be reckoned with as their story unfolds.

All in all, this is a great read, I highly recommend it to everyone!
Love New Books- United States
A Woman's Passionate Lifepath on a Roller Coaster Ride of Self-discovery and Prophecy!
Incredible journey of a woman searching for spiritual solace and love. In many scenes the tears
flowed as I followed the heartbreak and revelation of Helen's journey through romance,
self-discovery, the mysticism of Sedona, and Native American prophecy. A surprise was her
association with Tyrone Power and Howard Hughes! The ending, well, you will have to read it, it
blew me away! A must read biography!
Anonymous Sedona Legend Fan
Google Play Book Reviews- I am an Aviation follower and had read pieces of history on Jack
Frye. When the story surfaced about this book I wrote the author. He thanked me for my
interest and said there was a lot more to be done before it could be published. Five years later
he remembered me- and sent a PDF copy so I could read it. The book was finished but not
printed. I now have a printed copy. I found the book bringing out history from the 1930's, the
beginning of airlines in the United States, their ups and downs. The great names connected with
the airlines, and some sad loses that followed. I highly recommend this book for other readers.

Charles Cumley- Retired TWA Employee (hired in July 1959- five months after Frye's death)
Beautiful Sedona- I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book- The Jack & Helen Frye Story was a
very informative read into the glamour and glitz of the 1930's and 40's wealthy, the early
airline industry days, and, of course, beautiful Sedona. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book
and all the author's detail helped me to picture the story in my mind. I would highly
recommend reading it.
PER- Las Vegas, Nevada
NEW-- Now Jack & Helen Frye have their Facebook page on the worldwide net with insights
into the inception of the book
'Jack & Helen Frye Story - The Camelot Years of TWA!'
A Story of a Fascinating Couple I've just finished Reynolds' book on Jack and Helen Frye, and
I was entranced with them and educated about early Sedona, AZ.

Helen Frye was certainly something: a wonderful example of a woman living a full life (full of
happiness and pain)! The way she kept forging her own path, her insistence on living true to her
emotions, her ability to change and to go with the flow, and her openness to spirituality (for
better or worse) all endeared her to me. And the affair with Tyrone Power! I also loved, being a
fashion devotee, the descriptions of her clothes, of what women wore during those periods. I'm
old enough to remember the swish of crinolines!

It is an excellent book and a tribute to two remarkable people, who lived life to the fullest, no
matter what.

It also gave me such a different view of Sedona, AZ, during the early years. I'm a newcomer
here, and when I see photos of, say, Bell Rock in the 50s with nothing but cattle around it, I
imagine if was all cowboys. Not so!

The book is more than about a fascinating couple living life to the fullest; it is history and
her-story! Moreover, it's a love story!
Elizabeth Oakes- Sedona Writer- Sedona Biz
Wonderful and Gripping Story- Passionately Written- Randall Reynolds has captured the beauty
of Helen Frye and the romance of the relationship she shared with the brilliant aviation pioneer
Jack Frye. Although declared and written as a novel, the book contains many straight factual
sections, mostly ordered chronologically.

At times the story is as thrilling as any old black-and-white suspense thriller you could find on
TV. I was on the edge of my seat during one gripping storyline involving Helen and her troubled
rich and famous (soon to be) ex-spouse Cornelius Vanderbilt.

The various injections of millionaire, aviation pioneer and movie maker Howard Hughes into
the lives of the Fryes always provides interesting reading. Particularly the desert dust up
involving the two TWA principles.

Throw in some ex-presidents, famous Hollywood actors and World War 2 drama and you have a
story that never got dull.

And of course Jack Frye’s early aviation career is described, from his early barnstorming
exploits with the famous 13 Black Cats of Hollywood, to the formation of Standard Airlines and

My preconception of the book was that Jack would be the main focus, with the attractive spouse
Helen providing an interesting side-plot. But as the story goes on, Helen’s life becomes more of
the focus. There are many high points she experiences and tragic moments she endures and
Randall conveys nicely these highs and lows to you.

The third party of focus in the book, sometimes almost on equal footing with Jack and Helen, is
the beautiful land of the Arizona area where the Fryes lived and maintained their spiritual
center. Author Reynolds, as a former volunteer at Red Rock State Park, is well-positioned to
paint a vivid picture of this great natural area.

This is not the slickest book I have ever read but it tells the story of two people in an honest
and credible way that will keep you reading with interest right until the last page. The author’s
research on the Frye’s provides insights you probably won’t find elsewhere. Highly
Harry Stoner- Amazon Verified Purchase
Just read this book by good friend Randall Reynolds, good history of air travel in America,
TWA and the Fryes. Also, lots of references to people and places in Arizona. If you like history
and airplanes, this is your book!
Jennie Weems
Thank you Randall Reynolds for the autographed copy of the Jack and Helen Frye Story, the
Camelot Years of TWA! I was waiting at the gate for the mail lady. Such a remarkable story!
Cindy Boeing- Aviation Historian
The Author Leaves Me Wanting More- I have had this book at my bedside for many months
and when I finally picked it up the other day I found I couldn't put it down. I could see the
movie playing, page by page, in the life of this delightful, unique and fascinating couple. I lived
in Sedona myself for nearly two decades, also drawn there as if by a magnet, and it was easy for
me to immerse myself into their story. This book proves the power of love against all odds,
while sharing twists and turns that has the reader going "oh no!" or "Thank God!" I learned a
great deal about the beginnings of TWA and commercial flight in America and was also
intrigued as I have been before by the character of Howard Hughes. Jack and Helen Frye had a
one of a kind love affair in a one of a kind of place told in this one of a kind book. Thank you,
Randall, for sharing their story.
Author: Kate McGahan