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The Frye Legacy-
a Lifetime of Accomplishment!
By Randall Reynolds
The Sedona Legend Web Site is a copyrighted historical photo enhanced narrative presented for
educational and entertainment purposes. Some materials may be displayed in regard to the
United States Fair Use Act. This web portal is totally non-profit and generates no income nor
does it seek or has it ever accepted a single donation. It is an independent venture.

Sedona Legend was envisioned and created to provide Red Rock State Park visitors a
comprehensive historic overview for Jack and Helen Frye and their Deer-Lick and Smoke Trail
Ranches. This effort is now officially cited by R.R.S.P. as an indepth historical venue
representing Jack and Helen Frye.

Sedona Legend is encouraged by the many friends of Jack and Helen Frye. A gracious thank
you to the Frye and Varner families for invaluable support and Red Rock State Park staff and
volunteers for their enthusiasm.

Sedona Legend Helen Frye a.k.a. the Jack and Helen Frye Story
A Decade of Research and Presentation- Created By Randall D. Reynolds
Copyright © 2003 All Rights Reserved
What Is Sedona Legend?
Sedona Legend Helen Frye is a 10-year-old website which represents more than just a mere web
presence. The website was originally created and launched on the world-wide internet from Jack
and Helen's Frye's Sedona Ranch in
July of 2003. In 2005 the website was upgraded to a
"pay-site" so this is the date most often associated with it's creation. Sedona Legend is without
question the largest most comprehensive archive in the world dedicated exclusively to the lives
of Jack Frye and Helen Varner Vanderbilt Frye. This includes detailed documentation of
notable events and associates of the Fryes, with focus on the glamour and history of their paths.
July 2010- Sedona Legend was completely deleted, restructured, and re-launched! A new
beginning with an end to over 1500 pages of printed material available freely online- it was not
possible to feature the entire Sedona Legend archive on the World Internet as reference
material in an easy to peruse format, so the material was reduced and condensed by about 1/3.
A new direction- more suitably, certain events will be featured and referenced as to the general
"years” they occurred in "historic windows”. These "place-markers" will be adjusted from time
to time. I hope this will serve to highlight the story in an entertaining and glossy presentation.
The future of Sedona Legend, The Jack and Helen Frye Story? A suitable forum for the archive
is being explored aside from a book project, in the end, it is hoped that all the information can
always be shared with the public in a fluid and generous manner.
A milestone! This website is nearly 10-years old and a lot of effort and tenacity has been put
forth to secure the Frye History. It has been a challenge to try to round up information and
images of the Fryes and try to log them into one central place. This information is now secured
and the Frye association with Sedona and our country at large has become a rich and valuable
archive. Eventually this archive will be secured with the Smithsonian, or a similar such
organization, which will insure its preservation indefinitely. In regard to the images, locating
them has been especially challenging. Many photos are either not recognized as to their historic
value or are held in collections and can’t be shared. This is troubling, but this is encountered
often in historical research.

I am constantly seeking to add to the visual side of Jack and Helen’s Story and an associated
photo truly is worth a thousand words! Photographic images paint scenes that paragraphs can
only attempt at. If you have any photos of the Fryes, their planes, homes, etc., to share with
this work, it would be more than welcome! Please keep in mind that even though you feel there
is plenty of TWA history out there already, the direction of this archive is not TWA history,
rather it is Frye History, and that history, as associated with TWA. There is a difference.

All that is needed is a high resolution electronic scan. Nearly everyone today has a scanner.
Any parties who do not know how to scan an image can send the photo to me and I will scan and
return it safely and honestly. I have never lost a photo from any party and I have processed
100’s of images. I never share such images with third parties and only run them on this website
with a watermark to protect the parties who own them. I also make sure that the party
associated is credited.

It is an eternal quest of mine to round up any and all Frye images into this archive to share
with the public, for free, on the International Internet, a medium I support and believe is the
bona fide future of all archived information. History should be shared, not tucked away, as
often times this leads to such information being discarded by subsequent heirs and parties.

To contact me in regard to images you desire to share, please just
E-Mail me and I will evaluate
what you possess and let you know how we can get them on line.

Every time I receive new images I am extremely grateful! To me it is like fitting pieces into a
big puzzle. I am always touched and awed by what is submitted and the thoughtfulness to this
end! The Fryes deserve to be remembered, not only for their association with Sedona, but as
well for their historical connections with our country! Thank you for your help with materials!
A Quest For Historic Frye Photos-You Can Contribute Materials!
What Is The Direction Of This Archive?
Inside Sedona Legend
All images on this website are reproduced for historic educational purposes only and never
reproduced commercially or sold. Photos are never offered to other online venues.

Some of the photos seen on this website are owned by entities who received the images from
Jack and Helen Frye personally and offered them to the Sedona Legend (a nonprofit) as an
electronic JPEG scan (of the original) for historical representation.

Some images appear as JPEG’s scanned from Sedona Legend archive vintage images. Such
images are owned outright by Sedona Legend and are held in an revolving archive which
supports the Jack and Helen Frye Historical Web Site.

The media images represented on this venue are determined to hold expired copyrights. If any
image seen is represented in error please send me the proper (notarized) documentation
proving the provenance of the image with the renewed copyright verification and legal
ownership proof of original image and or negative thereof. Only a limited number of vintage
photos hold renewed copyrights. When they are renewed it is usually for monetary reasons and
involves marketable events or celebrities.   

I am more than willing to offer an updated credit-line beneath an image displayed on this
website, pending verification, and will credit the photographer when the name is known.

Images are displayed to represent a comprehensive historical overview of the life story of Jack
and Helen Frye and the events of their lives. This venture is a milestone effort and has never
been attempted by any other entity, this is why Sedona Legend is so unique.
Photograph Notations:
Sedona Legend: The Gold Standard Of Frye History
This website was built with love and dedication-- and with a focus on professionalism and
integrity. Within Sedona Legend you will find well-researched original writings and images.
Other websites generally feature repeated text and re-used graphics. Sedona Legend is
recognized as the 'Gold Standard of Frye History' because of the attention to detail and the
phenomenal dedication to the project. Accept no imitations! This website was created for no
other reason than to make sure Jack and Helen Frye are recognized for their contributions to
our current world. Many other entries are created to ride the shirt-tails of the Frye legacy.
There is no web-work out there with the dedication, devotion, commitment, and financial
backing of Sedona Legend. This is why Jack and Helen themselves would endorse this effort.
Welcome to the World of Frye! Please see Page 2015 and
Jack & Helen Frye TUMBLR.
Sedona Legend has adopted the policy of not sharing images on this website with other online
venues. This after the website was completely re-worked several years ago and all copyright
materials removed. Sedona Legend has gone to great lengths to locate and exhibit materials
which are either owned by the Sedona Legend or loaned by associated parties.

An exception would be bona-fide historic organizations which are primarily an on-line effort. It
has been my experience that there is so much re-circulation of historic images on the internet
to the point where images lose their origins. One has to be careful about diluting one’s
dedicated research thereby losing the appeal of (in my case) 10-years of a historical showcase.
Special Notation On Materials