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The Jack Frye International Training Center
This information appears on this page because Page 1962 was not available for this event.
On April 26, 1962 Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. showed their appreciation for Jack
Frye, former long-time president (13 years) and an original founder, (recently passed away in
1959) by opening a grand training center for new employees which would instruct hostesses,
pilots, and flight engineers. A facility, which would well make Frye proud. The training center
was a red brick 8-story building in downtown Kansas City, at 1307 Baltimore Avenue.

The dedication was well attended by 1500 guests, to include Jack’s family; his sister Mrs. Sunny
Frye Thomas, his widow and daughter Nevada Smith Frye and Nevajac Frye, and Dr. William H.
and Laura Frye (Jack’s father and step-mother). Also in attendance was personal friend of Frye
and former U.S. President Harry S. Truman, current TWA president Charles Tillinghast, TWA
board of director chairman, Ernst R. Breech, Kansas City Mayor H. Roe Bartle, Lieutenant
Governor Hilary A. Bush, and U.S. Congressman Richard Bolling (both of Missouri). This is just
a short-list of the many dignitaries in attendance, many of whom were intimate friends of Jack
Frye. Mrs. Frye was ill during the event and had to retire to her hotel room for much of the
celebration, except for the photo op shown above.

Nevajac Frye (Jack’s only child) officially dedicated the (exterior) of facility with a “cloud gun”.
Makes one wonder if it was the same cloud gun used by Helen Frye on February 5, 1946, when
she and Jack Frye launched TWA’s new trans-atlantic passenger service with the Lockheed
Constellation “Star of Paris”. President Truman regaled his old friend by describing Frye as
“one of the great men of an era who saw the future of air transportation and had the
imagination to make that future a realization.”  

Two commemorative bronze plaques were unveiled by Jack’s daughter, TWA officials, and
President Truman, one was a wall inscription, the other, a likeness of Frye in the guise of a five
foot bronze wall relief (head and shoulders) mounted in the lobby of the new facility.
I had treasured contact with Jack’s sister for many years, in person and on the phone. Sunny
related to me she was touched by the event above and thought it was well deserved. Further to
this she stated she was charmed in meeting Truman and stood next to him at the ceremony,
whereas, President Truman nudged her and said, "
I liked Jack because he'd let me win at
". Of course, Truman is referring to his many games of poker with Frye and others who
all it seemed would let Truman win. Jack was a crack player and if he “let Truman win” it was
out of courtesy and friendship. Little known is the friendship of the two which spanned nearly
20 years. Truman was quoted another time by media in describing Jack Frye, “
he had
imagination, which damn few businessmen have
!" An accurate description of Jack Frye, who
was often described as “
the man with a habit of making dreams come true” this certainly
benefited TWA in the earliest years! Frye was one of the men who helped Truman attain the
White House. See Page 1940 (Harry Truman Future President).
Above (left) we see the President of Trans World Airlines Charles Tillinghast, Mrs. Jack Frye,
Lili (Nevajac) Frye, former U.S. President Harry S. Truman, and TWA Board of Directors
Chairman Ernest R. Breech. Note: Early on TWA used the wording Trans World Airline and
later Trans World Airline(s). Inscription on the plaque reads as below:
1500 V.I.P. guests adjoined the massive
training center on a beautiful spring day.
To the (left) the wall engraving is unveiled by Jack's daughter Lili, Tillinghast, Truman, and
Breech. The wording, to my understanding, is from Jack Frye himself, as seen below.
The inscription reads:
"Persistent training is the key to TWA excellence
and the foundation of public trust in all of us
Inscription on the Jack Frye bronze read:
Jack Frye
President of TWA
"This building is dedicated to him as a tribute to his leadership
in the worldwide air transportation industry

All photos on this page are courtesy of Trans World Airline via Starliner Magazine- TWA's
in-house publication. Some files are linked to larger files. Interestingly, the image at the top of
this page is a cropped version of the original, which as a glossy 8 by 10, is held by the Frye
family. Missing above is a giant oval TWA emblem which was mounted above the plaque.
Recognition and Honor of the Father of TWA
Honoring a Friend-
Sunny Frye Thomas- A Real Treasure