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Life @ the Sedona Smoke Trail Ranch
With Helen Frye- 1950's
Absolutely stunning image of Helen Frye with her 1942 portrait as (Mrs. Jack Frye) by Arnold
Mountfort. The famous likeness was painted at the Sedona Frye Ranch and hung for many years
over Jack Frye's executive desk at his Washington D.C. TWA office. At date of image Helen
had been seeing Tyrone Power (at one point they were engaged) after which Helen and Jack
Frye renewed their romance and were again seeing each other until his death in 1959. Scene of
the photo was when Helen was visiting family back east and did this (now and then) 1957 shot.
To the left above- in 1957 Helen flew out to
West Virginia on TWA to see her family and
her mother Maude who she adored. This rare
Above (1954) is dear friend Faye Crenshaw and her nieces at the House of Apache Fires in
Sedona. Faye had an office uptown and was known as Sedona's first licensed realtor.
Sedona Snapshots- Smoke Trail Ranch @ Sedona
Everyone I interview has wonderful memories of Smoke Trail Ranch and Helen Frye. The
images above are testament to this. To the left Rosie Targhetta visiting the ranch in about
1955. To the right a cookout on Oak Creek (left to right) Rosie, Helen's niece Sisty, behind
them the Sikorsky twins, and last, Nassan Gobran, who was a frequent visitor to the ranch all
through the 1950s. No doubt Helen Frye captured this precious moment in time.     
Vistas from the Frye Ranch in the 1950's were pristine and unspoiled with no development and
nothing but virgin horizons! Here we see the view from the Apache Fires House looking west
over Oak Creek and beyond to Schuerman Mountain. Above left is the Willow House.
The image above is a good example of the tight knit social group of early Sedona. This evening
get-to-gether was at Gee Wright's house. From left to right we find, Lois Kellogg Duncan, Betty
Duncan, Cecil Lockhart-Smith, Maude Varner, Nick Duncan, Walter Duncan, Frank Armijo,
Nassan Gobran, Helen Varner Frye, Sharla "Sisty" Reynolds. The next image is left to right,
Maude Varner, Nick Duncan, Walter Duncan, Frank Armijo, Rosie Targhetta Armijo, Helen
Vanderbilt Frye, Sisty Reynolds, Lois Kellogg Duncan, Betty Duncan, and Cecil Lockhart.

Now for a little background. Nassan and Cecil were inseparable and always attended functions
together, they also lived together. Nassan was art director at Verde Valley School and Cecil
owned a retail business uptown. Lois and Nick Duncan owned the famous Crescent Moon Ranch,
Helen Frye owned Smoke Trail Ranch, Sisty was visiting her Aunt Helen from Florida for the
summer. Walter (brother to Nick) and Betty Duncan were ranch managers for Smoke Trail
Ranch. Rosie and Frank had just married and were over from Albuquerque. Maude Varner was
visiting her daughter Helen from West Virginia. The hostess this evening was Eugenia "Gee"
Wright. Gee was an early Sedona benefactor, who with her partner, Helen Ecker donated the
original Sedona Library building property uptown. Gee also donated her time as the laundress
for the Verde Valley School and among several other enterprises published a Sedona magazine.
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color image of the former Mrs. Jack Frye is startling in its clarity and has never been seen
publicly before. To the right Helen poses on Smoke Trail Ranch with her horse Mabrouk. This
1954 photo could very well have been taken on a ride with Tyrone Power. They were known to
have been dating at the time (see Page 1953). Helen was photographed by the press often riding.
The gentleman and Helen (left) and with his
wife (above) is a mystery as no one has ever
been able to identify them. However, the photo
is somewhat significant as the photo was taken
at the newly built Sedona Airport (1950's).
You can see the bladed dirt runway of this Table Top Mountain airport at Sedona (behind the
couple). As for identification- the man (Lou?) met with Helen on business and is either Helen's
attorney who flew up from Phoenix or may have been associated with Verde Valley School. The
date rather than 1954 is more like late 1950's judging by Helen's appearance.
A day of swimming at the Duncan Ranch (Crescent Moon) in the 1950's. First scene is Rosie
(standing) Lois Duncan in the water with one of her 2 boys. The second is Helen (standing).  
As a continuation of the Gee Wright party
above- guests moved indoors for dinner. Helen
Frye assisting in kitchen (left) as captured
from an old color movie and Gee Wright (right) with newlyweds Rosie and her husband Frank
Armijo (from Albuquerque). Most of the available film media is from parties and gatherings.
Stunning 35mm photos of Red Rock Crossing (just up river from the Frye Ranch) taken in
1955. Left, we see Helen Frye with Rosie Targhetta and her new husband Frank Armijo. To the
right we see Nassan Gobran with Rosie and Frank. Very nice images of the crossing! Many
thanks to Rosie Armijo for generously sharing so many wonderful Smoke Trail Ranch images!
On the left Helen Frye proudly stands at the bottom of the stairs which access her studio
quarters at her Sedona home in the late 1950's. Unlike the current expression of the House of
Apache Fires (2011) -back in Helen Frye's day, the house was surrounded by lush irrigated
lawns. The water was pumped up from Oak Creek below the house. The scene above (right)
shows the main entrance stairs (which faced north) as they accessed the HAF Grand Hall.
The House of Apache Fires terrace and views as shown from a movie frame captured in 1955.
In this remarkable time capsule Helen Frye is shown with some friends at a party. Location is
not known but possibly the Frye Ranch where many such gathering were held. The date is late
1940’s or early 1950’s (my gut feeling is 1948). Persons shown, (bottom) first row, (left to right)
Helen's mother Maude Varner, from West Virginia, and Roberta Targhetta, Helen’s close
friend Rosie's mother (who was visiting from Albuquerque). Second row (left to right) Helen
Frye, Helen's friend Lynne Gray, from New York City (center), and Lois Kellogg Duncan owner
Crescent Moon Ranch at Red Rock Crossing. Back row (left to right) Dorothea Tanning (and
dog), Max Ernst (center), and his son Jimmy Ernst (Jimmy's mother was Max's first wife Luise
Straus). Many people have remembered Max and Dorothea as accompanied to Frye parties and
other gatherings by their two little white dogs (thought to be Lhasa Apsos). For a long time I
was puzzled by the blond hair in front of Dorothea, now I realize she is holding up one of her
beloved dogs as she did many times in photos. Captured at night (reeds behind Helen may
indicate near Oak Creek at the Frye Ranch). Thanks to Ken Mark for help with this image!
To watch these color home movies of Helen in 'real life' as she entertained at her home
in Sedona and when she would visit the reservations please click on the following link for
Part 1 and Part 2 as seen on the YouTube Channel 'Sedona Legend'.