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Graf Zeppelin
D-LZ129 Hindenburg
Nearly as Long as the Titanic
A Luxurious Ocean Liner in the Sky!
Length- 804 feet long
Four- 1,200 Horsepower Mercedes Benz Engines
Cruise Speed- 80 plus miles per hour
Crew- 40 to 61
Normal Passenger Load- 50 to 72
The sheer size of this ship is deceptive, for example, notice the little tiny specks on the ground
along side the Hindenburg- these are ground crew and bystanders. Construction of the ship cost
$2,500,000.00 The ship displays the logo (5 rings for 5 continents) of the 1936 Summer Olympic
Games. Image is on file with the United States Navy and therefore public domain.
The Millionaires' Flight
At the Beginning of 1937 Jack Frye Was Able To Look Back
Fondly at an 'Event of a Lifetime' as Shared With His U.S. Peers
Hindenburg cruises over New York City
with TWA president Jack Frye and other V.I.P.’s
Lakehurst, New Jersey
October 9, 1936

This event was Jack Frye's only thought to a possible partnership of TWA-Zeppelin passenger
service! This would have likely been executed as a “partner” relationship whereas airship
conveyance would connect and complement T&WA routes and first class offerings.

Schedule- 10-hour flight- 620-mile Grand Luxury Circle Tour
Boarding- 6:00 A.M.
Lift Off-   7:00 A.M.
Return-    5:00 P.M. (actual touch-down was 5:17 P.M.)
Destinations- Lakehurst-New York-Boston-Lakehurst

At 7:00 a.m. eastern time the world famous airship Hindenburg lifted off on a 6-state voyage to
include, first, a stunning air-tour of Manhattan, and then an over-tour of the Hudson River,
New York (state), Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, ending only after a 10-hour cruise.
In a never before attempted publicity-promo flight, the operators of the Hindenburg, ‘DZR’
(Luftschiffbau Zeppelin/Deutsche Luft Hansa (airline), under direction of the Nazi Ministry of
Aviation- Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM), and Standard Oil (ESSO) N.J., invited 73 of the
most influential business men in the United States to celebrate the virtues of Zeppelin transport.

Among the V.I.P. luminaries were Jack Frye, president of Transcontinental & Western Air,
Inc., Nelson Rockefeller, grandson of the founder Standard Oil, Winthrop W. Aldrich, chairman
of the board, Chase Manhattan Bank (New York), John D. Hertz, transportation czar, Alvan T.
Fuller, president of Packard Motor Company (Boston), Karl Lindemann, chairman of the board,
Hamburg-Amerika Line, (North Bremen, Germany) and officer of Standard Oil Corporation,
Dr. Hans Luther, German Ambassador to the United States, Admiral William H. Standley, (No.1
Sailor- Navy), Rear Admiral A. B. Cooke, chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics, Commander
Charles E. Rosendahl, Lakehurst Naval Station, Paul W. Litchfield, president Goodyear Tire
and Rubber, (Akron, Ohio), Capt. Edward (Eddie) V. Rickenbacker, general manager Eastern
Air Lines, Eugene L. Vidal, director of Air Commerce, Juan Trippe, Pan American Airways, De
Soto Motors president, Chrysler-Desoto, Byron C. Foy, J. W. Baucker, vice-president of
General Electric Corp. Lucius B. Manning, Cord Automobile Corp., Thomas N. McCarter,
president Public Service Corp. of New Jersey. The ship’s designer was Dr. Hugo Eckener, an
outspoken anti-Nazi opponent. The most circulated accounts state a passenger list of 80-some
dignitaries but one list cites just 58. It was said that 84 invitations were initially sent out.

A Stunning First Class Affair From Start To Finish

News accounts state the V.I.P.'s were transported to Lakehurst from Pennsylvania Station
(midnight) by luxurious private Pullman sleeper cars which were able to deposit them early
morning at the launch site (siding). Jack Frye likely flew out to New Jersey in his private
Northrop Gamma as was his modus operandi. Publicity was provided by a NBC News short-wave
broadcast from the airship in flight. Dining? A spread fit for royalty that might well have been
laid before Kings. The finest fare ever served on this most luxurious and largest airship in the
world only comparable to that of the R.M.S. Queen Mary.

The trip was arranged in part by Everit J. Sadler executive with of Standard Oil Company (New
Jersey). A few notables that were invited but declined for various reasons were Walter C.
Teagle, Standard Oil executive, Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company, Walter P. Chrysler, Chrysler
Corp, Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., president and (soon to be CEO) of General Motors. The passengers
on this flight were so well connected and held such a grip on the commerce of the United States
that if the Hindenburg had faced disaster like it did later in its life (May 6, 1937) the country
may very well have faced financial ruin. No such flight, with such a precious passenger load of
government officials, industrialists, and influential wealthy tycoons, has ever been dared to be
repeated since simply because of the risk. It was estimated that 10-billion in assets was boarded
(in people). Additional participants not mentioned are not known. The airship crew was headed
by Captain Ernest A. Lehmann and was a sensation as it sailed over its six-state-route- well
reported nationwide at the time and fondly remembered today. Quite the milestone event
before the demise of airship travel between the United States and Europe which was being
enthusiastically developed before World War II. The war and the later Hindenburg disaster
ended such grand plans.

Shortly after the ship returned to Lakehurst and off loaded the passengers it was prepped for its
last crossing of the season back to Europe which departed the same day. The flight was a total
success. There was one death; however, in Newark a mechanic had climbed to the roof to see
the massive ship passing overhead and as he backed up for a better view he fell through a
skylight to his death. The ship was a spectacle across the east coast, as there had never been
such a massive transport to pass over cities before or since, and thousands stared and pointed at
the sky at the phenomena. Schools were let out for the day- tens of thousands cheered from the
ground and hundreds waved from the roof tops at the pampered revelers!

Interestingly during flights to and from Europe the Hindenburg was suspected of using
sightseeing and trans-atlantic voyages as a veil for spying after the ship appeared over strategic
U.S. and Canadian military sites, supposedly as result of innocent variations of route. Nazi
confiscation of the ship and its crossings or seemingly (military aerial surveys) would soon
become ever evident to the suspicious United States Government and Britain. We will never
know the full extent of the Nazi interaction with the airship Hindenburg.   

In the Eyes of the World- Germany Falls From Grace

Jack Frye may have been impressed with the high-tech German technology of the day but I
guarantee he was not impressed with the Nazi regime which had consumed Germany. Before
World War II, and before the Nazi's tightened their maniacal grip on Germany and Europe,
Germany was a staunch ally of the United States. But by the end of the 1930’s this alliance had
weakened and the U.S. and many companies around the world were effected by the fallout and
desired to extricate themselves from the controversial Nazis regime. Transcontinental &
Western Air was no exception as exhibited by the following information:

“The Lindbergh Line” and TWA- Why Was Lindbergh's Name
Scrubbed Off TWA Flying Stock by 1939?

Pro-Nazi Sentiments Cited- TWA Officials Vague
Early December 1938

Lindbergh’s name was removed from TWA calendars, schedules, and advertising materials by
December 5, 1938, aircraft followed shortly thereafter.

For many years TWA planes were adorned with "The Lindbergh Line". Anne and Charles were
close friends of Jack Frye from a long way back and stayed at the Frye home several times at
Kansas City. As well, Charles was a valued advisor for TWA until 1934 and mapped the TWA
route. However, business is business, and unfortunately, in the late 1930's Lindbergh's speeches
for America First and his alliance with the new German regime was a damaging detriment to
those associated with him. This is the reason, and no other, that Transcontinental & Western
Air scrubbed his name off of all their planes by 1939 disassociating themselves with Lindbergh
forever. Most Americans remember Lindbergh as an American Hero, and rightly so, but with a
little research there is revealed a controversial side of him that patriotic citizens of the then
pre-World War II United States did not appreciate or endorse.

Personally I have never endorsed the merit of Lindbergh’s name being emblazoned on TWA
ships. In my opinion it was done by political pressure within TWA and not by Jack’s direction.
The placement was a gimmick by TWA to promote the airline, but as well, made a veiled
statement that Lindbergh was either an owner or major stockholder. In realty Lindbergh held a
(fluff consultant position) a carry-over from Transcontinental Air Transport (T.A.T.) and was
only associated with the company until 1934. TWA adopted the new logos (below) from 1938 to

"The Sunny Santa Fe Way" (Nature Made It... TWA Flies It- The Sunny Santa Fe Trail)
The Transcontinental Line"
Trans World Airline"

Sound Effect On This Page
For effect I have added to this web page the sound of an actual airship. Unfortunately it is not
the Hindenburg but rather that of the famous Met-Life airship cruising over southern Arizona
in fall of 2008. I edited the sound to reflect a reverberation reflective of the possible drone of
the Hindenburg's massive Mercedes power plants!